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Old black sheep making music for other black sheep.

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Posted by drasticallyReduced - 3 weeks ago


drastically Reduced started in a bedroom in Manchester, NH in 1980 or 1981 by 4 teenagers ( Steve..guitar, Pat..bass, Jerome...drums and Mark..singer) who loved this new music called punk rock. We could barely play or sing and had one song called Ron Sucks (for Reagan of course). Mark the singer saw a bin at a department store with a sign saying “drastically reduced”. This became the band name and Steve drew a dR logo for the band. The band lasted about a month and never made it out of the bedroom where we practiced our one song.

Steve ended up joining GG Allin and The Jabbers in 1982. The other guys “retired” from the music biz..haha. And dR was gone before it even started. GG with the Jabbers disbanded in 1984 and Steve also “retired” from the music biz..haha.

Fast forward to 2017. Steve and cousin Johnny started recording a couple Johnny songs and a cover (New Girl, Truth or Dare and Steppin Stone). This was the spark that created a “mid life crisis fire” with writing new songs and recording them as best we could. And with the little budget we had. Steve remembered his youth and dR and this was to become our band name and logo. dR was reborn and has come full circle for Steve. dR is the first and last “band” Steve will ever be in.

dR is now DIY recording music from a bygone era that we like that sounds raw and real and is not "polished and processed" and has a live feel. This is old school punk rock (most of the songs anyways) played by old guys who grew up loving punk rock. Not sure if these kids today can play real punk rock music anyways. Besides most of these kids today (like my sons) don’t listen to rock or guitar driven music played by real human beings. Our songs are not intended for the dumb ass white sheep that listen to over-produced and over-processed corporate rock garbage that is out there today. Think Foo Fighters or Green Day...were good bands early in the careers...they start making coin and they turn into corporate rock garbage.

Very doubtful dR will ever make a dime from this music. In fact this band will spend a lot more money than it will ever make. We are playing this forward and hopefully some awkward black sheep kid (like I was and still am as an old man) will hear and like our music. And will put down his cellphone or his handgun and pick up an instrument or get behind a drum kit and start playing original music with total dedication to his music regardless of the genre. This is what real music is all about.

Our music is dedicated to GG Allin and all the old school punk rock bands who inspired us greatly to pick up an instrument and play regardless of how bad we played. Also to anyone out there playing and listening to real punk rock music. And of course for all the black sheep in the world. The world would be so boring without black sheep.